Judith Wyss Vita

Judith Wyss graduated in 1981 from the Museum Art School (now Pacific Northwest College of Art) with a BFA in Drawing. In 1989, she joined Blackfish Gallery, an artist owned and run gallery, in Portland's Pearl District. Although most of her early work is small sculpture and she continues work in this genre, now using mixed media rather than paper, in 1999, she began to work with fired paint on glass, a 13th century technique she learned at the Stained Glass Museum in Ely, Cambridgeshire, where she lives four months of the year. While in England, she also became interested in parish churches and regularly paints aspects of them in watercolor. She continues to draw and paint and make additive sculpture. She holds a life drawing session weekly on Fridays in her studio at Troy Cooperative Studios on Portland's near Eastside. 

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